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About Us
Prime Halal Meats

Our History

Founded in 1975 by Wali Scott, a Vietnam War veteran, who saw the need for Halal meat in the Philadelphia area. After three tours in the Vietnam War, Wali Scott was stationed in Turkey, where he accepted Islam. After returning home from Turkey he noticed the growing Muslim presence within the city so, in 1975, the very first Halal meat market in Philadelphia was born.


In Present day, Wali Scott’s youngest son, Amr Scott is creating a legacy of his own by building on the foundation his father left him. Amr Scott, who started in 1994, took control of Prime Halal in the year 2000. Since then, he has taken the business to new-found heights that his father didn’t think possible. Amr's mission is to one day provide communities, here and far, with high quality and locally sourced meats that will lead to a more healthful lifestyle.

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